Sunday, September 7, 2008

May the Force Miss You

Hurricane Hanna wasn't quite the force that we expected. I had about 20-30 leaves to rake up! lol It did give me time, (too much time) to play around the house. (I shot this last night) I used my son Max's Room Guard as a photo subject. I wanted the shot to look like Darth Vader walking through an Imperial Star Cruiser, so I used a wire bread rack to simulate the ceiling. Its great that my son loves the toys that I loved, (and still love....shhhhh dont tell anyone!), growing up as a kid. I used a shoot through umbrella from camera left and set of white cardboard squares about 8 inches in size. One square I used as a reflector for fill light on his face and one camera right, that reflected light to the right side of his face. I used a 4 foot JTL circular reflector to reflect light back onto Darth's head and block the reflection of the ceiling fan in our dining room( Yes I took the shot on my dining room table-used a black table cloth!) I love this type of photography because I can experiment alot. When photographing people, they sometimes arent as willing to be patient and experiment as I am. Thats it for this week. May the force Miss you! That goes double for you Hurricane Ike!

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