Sunday, December 24, 2017

Kirk Pullen Photography in Volvo Magazine

I was contacted by Volvo back in August about photographing some drivers for a new prototype Mack Truck. I wasn't aware until the time of the photo session that Mack trucks were recently bought out by Volvo. I was told that they needed photos of the two drivers, so I met with Bob Slaughter and Robbie Padgett at the Smithfield headquarters in Warsaw, NC. I talked with the drivers during the photo session and I got the impression that they are very skilled at what they do, work long hours and get to know their equipment very well. They were both very easy to work with and were happy to assist me in moving the truck to various locations. The Volvo publishes an online magazine five times a year. You can read the article HERE in Volvo Group Magazine. Just click on the 2017 edition number 5 and it's on page 52.