Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Baseball and Softball Portraits

The month of May was great because the weather finally warmed up and athletes were breaking out the bats, gloves and were practicing on the freshly cut grass. I worked with the baseball and softball teams from Wallace Elementary School to capture their individual and team portraits. I also recently worked with the boys and girls of the Dixie Youth Baseball and Softball Leagues. The players looked sharp in their uniforms as they took the field in Faison, North Carolina . There is a beautiful park for baseball and softball located next to the Faison Recreation and Wellness center. About a week later I took portraits of girls softball in Calypso, North Carolina. I have years of experience working with baseball and softball players of all ages, including high school. I can also create photos in my studio that aren't quite real but look spectacular! If you look at the last 2 images in this blog post, they were captured in my studio. I photographed them separately against a gray background and went out later and shot the rest of the scene at sunset without them evening being there. My photography studio is located in Mount Olive, North Carolina if you are interested in sports portraits.