Monday, March 30, 2009

Guitar Hero

I am constantly looking for models to shoot with my new studio lights. This is my son Max tearing up some chords...literally. He almost broke the strings turning the tuning knobs too far. He was a good sport with Dad though! The first shot was a misfire by one of the flashes, I still think it turned out pretty cool with a red rocking profile.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Old Photos/New Look

I had some time this weekend, so I thought Id spend some time editing old photos. The pirate was a life size statue hanging on a wall at a Disney toystore. The man with the striped suit and cane was an actor in the Araian Nights dinner theater in Orlando, Fl. Now that Im through coaching for the school year, I plan on taking alot more photos.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tot-Teens Workshop

This past weekend I attended the Tots-Teens workshop by one of the best photographers in the industry. Sandy Puc held a 6 hour seminar in Raliegh at the Hilton. I have to say that she is not what I expected and I learned alot of from her. Her appearance was something I first noticed. She walks out in Knee high-high heel black boots, with black tights, a black skirt, a blue and black blouse and a black sweater. Sandy or "Sam" as her close friends call her, has black hair with a red strands of hair falling on one side of her face. She definitely struck me as a different kind of person. Thats not a bad thing, she s just not the kind of person I see a whole lot of in my little plot of earth. I was amazed at some of the things she has accomplished, especially the fact that she employs 27 full time employees with her studio. She has a tour bus the size of Rhode Island. She only works 4 days a week and has 10 children who visit her while she is on her workshop tour. She had alot of great tips for working with kids. If you get a minute, you might check out her website. I dont know anyone who takes better pictures of kids than her. A real inspiration to me!