Sunday, September 28, 2008

The End of Summer

The end of summer means the end of alot of things, not just the hot weather. The tennis season is almost over for the high school girls team that I coach.  I wanted to give them some portraits that they wouldnt typically get from a school portrait, such as Lifetouch. Once I get permission from the parents, Ill post some on here for you to see. Its been alot of fun coaching the girls this year, they have worked really hard and we have upset some teams along the way. Most of the girls are freshman, so we should have alot to look forward to in years to come. 

One really cool thing that happened this week, is that I got my testimonial on PORTFOLIOSITEZ.COM website. Here is the link.
At the time I published this blog, my website is third from the bottom.
 Ill leave you this week with a picture of summer. My daughter and her cousin, enjoying the shade on a swing. 

Sunday, September 7, 2008

May the Force Miss You

Hurricane Hanna wasn't quite the force that we expected. I had about 20-30 leaves to rake up! lol It did give me time, (too much time) to play around the house. (I shot this last night) I used my son Max's Room Guard as a photo subject. I wanted the shot to look like Darth Vader walking through an Imperial Star Cruiser, so I used a wire bread rack to simulate the ceiling. Its great that my son loves the toys that I loved, (and still love....shhhhh dont tell anyone!), growing up as a kid. I used a shoot through umbrella from camera left and set of white cardboard squares about 8 inches in size. One square I used as a reflector for fill light on his face and one camera right, that reflected light to the right side of his face. I used a 4 foot JTL circular reflector to reflect light back onto Darth's head and block the reflection of the ceiling fan in our dining room( Yes I took the shot on my dining room table-used a black table cloth!) I love this type of photography because I can experiment alot. When photographing people, they sometimes arent as willing to be patient and experiment as I am. Thats it for this week. May the force Miss you! That goes double for you Hurricane Ike!