Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Backdrops

I received two new backdrops in the mail this week, both 10 feet in width(One is solid black, the other snow white.) I will be using friends and family as guinea pigs for lighting tests, so look out. The backdrops should be alot of fun to work with since they are paper and wont have any wrinkles to iron out. Maybe next week, Ill post some of the test shots that I take. Well, sorry this week is so short on photo info. Isabelle's birthday party is tommorow and my parents are coming today, so Ive gotta keep the house clean. Speaking of guinea pigs, I took this shot two years ago, while trying to copy the nikon lighting manual example shots. The rimlight is ultra strong, but I loved the two catchlights on the glass. My son Max looks way too old in this shot. See ya next week, Kirk


Anonymous said...

hay mr.pullen wats up this is mia from your P.E class and yea i think this web site is awesome and those spring fling pictures that u took are really good. But anyways.......i dont really no wat to say so yea byeee!!!!!!!!!!

Kirk said...

Hey Mia!! Hopefully, they will have another Spring Fling this year and we'll have a blast taking your pictures again. See you in class and thanks for taking the time to visit little old me.