Sunday, October 18, 2009

So many little time!

This year is the busiest time of my life! I have never thought I would be taking on 4 jobs at once, but it has happened. I currently teach Middle School Physical Education, teach an online class of Health and Physical Education with the North Carolina Virtual Public School, coach a High School Girl's tennis team and am a Professional Photographer. The weekend of October 10th was also very busy. I took on two weddings in one day and needless to say I was worn out by the end of the day. I just want to thank God for helping me through everything. I had the honor of photographing the Kornegay wedding here in Warsaw, North Carolina. We were a little worried when the groom had to take off, because he forgot the rings, but he managed to get down the isle on time. Ron and Janice had a beautiful wedding and my wife and I both agreed that the singing might have been the best we have ever heard.

With a short break between weddings, we then headed over to Wallace, North Carolina to an amazing restaurant called THE MAD BOAR. I can't think of a more immaculately designed interior than this place. They spared no expense with the attention to detail and I can see why many couples choose this place for wedding receptions and in this case the actual wedding. I coached the bride of this wedding when she was on the softball team at Union High School. It was just by coincidence that she chose me as her photographer. It has been great getting to know Jadie and Jeremy Hamm as we took their engagement photos and bridal portraits.