Monday, December 22, 2014

Creating and Retouching a Portrait

Kirk Pullen Photography can create a great portrait for you! It takes as much skill to be knowledgeable in Photoshop as it does working a camera. Is your photographer good at both? There needs to be a good balance to have a photo look as good as it can. I had some free time today to edit older photos today and I decided to give this photo of Logan a different look. I'll walk you through what I did to edit this photo in Photoshop CS6. First I isolate the subject with the selection tool. I then click on the Refine Edge button to get the best selection possible. Invert the selection and then use the eraser tool to remove the white background. Once the background is removed, you can add any background you want. I changed the color of her jacket from brown to red using a hue saturation layer. I really like using the Imagenomic Portraiture plug-in for smoothing out skin. I finished the portrait off with Nik Color Effects 3.0 filter called Infrared Film #5. Nik also makes a sharpening program that works great. I use about 35% on the Pre-sharpener and Post Sharpener.