Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine Photo Contest Winner

Every year the Wildlife in NC magazine holds a photo contest. This year I came in first place In the bird category and third place in the invertebrates category. HERE is the link for my picture on the NC Wildlife Resource Commission Facebook page. Ten years ago I also came in first place for the bird category, with a black crowned night heron coming in for a landing on a branch.

Here is the description I gave in the magazine. "I was near a pond that had several birds perched on sunken tree branches. I made sure to walk slowly and take a few steps at a time so as to not startle them. My technique wasn’t quite good enough because all the birds except one flew away. Lucky for me, this egret hung around for portraits. I took a few shots and noticed that if I changed my angle the lighthouse would be in the background. I got some good shots of the bird with the lighthouse before moving again, a few more steps around. I noticed that the calm water and unique branches would frame the bird even better. The lesson I learned is always search for different angles because it can take a good photo and turn it into an extraordinary one." 

(Nikon D750, Sigma 150–600mm lens at 280mm, f/8, 1/800 of a second, ISO 1,600)

Friday, January 5, 2018

A Happy New Year at the Mount Olive Pickle Drop 2018

 I was bundled up to my eyeballs as I photographed the Mount Olive new years eve pickle drop at the Mount Olive Pickle company. This is the second time I have photographed the event but this was definitely the coldest event I have ever photographed. It isn't all that easy to work a camera with gloves on. The pickle drop is very festive event, with live music, dancing, shopping, a food drive and best of all free pickles! The cold weather did not keep the participants away from the event. There were several hundred people attending who watched the 3 foot glowing green pickle slowly descend into a giant pickle barrel. To the surprise of the crowd, the barrel sprayed water into the air at the stroke of midnight. If you donated canned food at the food drive, they give a raffle ticket away for prizes. The most coveted prize being the 3 foot plastic pickle that was dropped into the barrel. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Kirk Pullen Photography in Volvo Magazine

I was contacted by Volvo back in August about photographing some drivers for a new prototype Mack Truck. I wasn't aware until the time of the photo session that Mack trucks were recently bought out by Volvo. I was told that they needed photos of the two drivers, so I met with Bob Slaughter and Robbie Padgett at the Smithfield headquarters in Warsaw, NC. I talked with the drivers during the photo session and I got the impression that they are very skilled at what they do, work long hours and get to know their equipment very well. They were both very easy to work with and were happy to assist me in moving the truck to various locations. The Volvo publishes an online magazine five times a year. You can read the article HERE in Volvo Group Magazine. Just click on the 2017 edition number 5 and it's on page 52.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Kirk Pullen Photography Experience

Here is a short video on what its like to work with Kirk Pullen Photography! Luke wanted something more than just a standard boring football school portrait. So, when I talked to Luke about taking pictures with lasers, fog and possibly water, it was needless to say he was pretty excited! We did his laser and fog images in the studio and then I saved his water images for the last part of his session for obvious reasons.  Luke was sitting on a chair in a kiddie pool to catch all the water we were spraying behind him, while his mom threw cups of water in his face. As you can see we had a blast capturing these images and I have submitted several of them to a national photo contest. If you have an athlete that would like dynamic portraits then give me a call at 910-590-7761 to set up your Kirk Pullen Photography studio photo session today. You can find my photo studio in Mount Olive, North Carolina.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

PDN Adrenaline Photo Contest

I spent most of my day editing this photo for the PDN Adrenaline photo contest. You can check out my entries here: https://www.pdnadrenaline.com/entries.shtml I have three entries in the contest and they are both of a local high school football player playing a night game in the rain. I took the photo of the player running in my garage and completed the composite photo in Photoshop. I had to create mud effects, grass effects, lighting, and shadows to make the photo seem realistic.
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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

North Duplin High School Cheerleader

I photographed Savannah this weekend on the North Duplin High School campus. She was the winner of the North Duplin Fall Festival silent auction for a Kirk Pullen Photography prize pack. We started out on the football field and I didn't realize it until I knelt down that the sprinklers had been on just before we arrived for the photo session. I ended up getting quite damp from laying on the grass but Savannah had a blanket which kept her dry and we ended up creating some great images. The North Duplin High School football team is undefeated in the regular season this year and will have home field advantage for the playoffs. There will be several more weeks for her to cheer her team on to victory. Savannah is also a cheerleader during basketball season and wanted images in the gym.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wallace Elementary Volleyball Team Photos

I had a great time working with the Wallace Elementary volleyball team to capture their team and individual photos! This is the first year as a K-8 elementary school and they have brand new gymnasium to play volleyball in. Wallace Elementary took part in the Duplin County volleyball tournament this week. While they did not win the tournament, they did play with heart and had several big wins during the regular season.  #volleyball #team #kirkpullenphotography #wallacenc #wallacencphotographer