Sunday, October 26, 2008

Featured Photo

I submit photos to several contest sites such as, and I was thrilled to see that chose the photo- "THE GENTLE FLOW" to be a featured photo on their site. Here is the critique from Professional Photographer J. Manzione.
"To me, it doesn’t get any better than this. A perfect 5 stars. Living in New Hampshire I see hundreds, if not thousands of fall foliage type photographs every year. I love them, don’t get me wrong, but I am always looking for someone that can give me a fresh perspective with it. A new way to see Fall, something unique. Man, this has to be the best fall shot I’ve seen in the last couple of years.

The flow of the water is amazing, such softness, and the curves are great. Using f22 assures that everything in the scene is going to be sharp, and it certainly did so here. The 16mm wide angle, focusing on the rock/leaves lower, slightly off-center, giving the scene a grandness despite its close-up elements is just spectacular. No over exposure, nothing under exposed, just a perfect storm of everything hitting exactly right.

Seeing the effects of October in New England in this manner is inspiring. Just when you think this season has been photographed in every imaginable way someone comes along and offers up something unique, and executed extremely well.
In the next couple of weeks, we will see how well the shot does on the other contest sites. I hope this post doesnt come across as arrogant. I was really excited to have praise from other professional photographers. Kirk
Update-The Gentle Flow also got a Weekly Hot Pick on for the week of oct 19-25

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