Sunday, July 29, 2012

I have never had a photo session in a sunflower field before. It was a new experience to be roaming around a field without trying to knock some gargantuan flowers over and still trying to get a good shot. We only pulled a few ticks off during the shoot, so what's a few weeks of Lyme disease? Heh Heh! We had our photo session on the outskirts of Clinton, NC. Raychel B did an awesome job in 100% humidity and close to 100 degree heat. We finished up the shoot at an old barn which had many gadgets to pose around. If anyone is interested in an outdoor photo session it is $150 per hour and that comes with twenty 4 x 6 photos and an online password protected gallery. If you are interested in a studio type shot we have a steal of a deal! There is NO SITING FEE and only a $30 minimum purchase. Call me today at 910-590-7761 if you are interested in booking a session with We are located in Warsaw, NC and you can also follow (LIKE) me on

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